Pros & cons of EFT tapping scripts


EFT tapping scripts are a bit of a contentious issue in the tapping world. By scripts I mean written text scripts as well as tap-along videos and audios. Many of these are insightful and eloquently written by experienced practitioners.

I have some thoughts on this that I’d like to share. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and whether or not you use them to complement your tapping practice. Also, if you do like scripts, I’d love to find out what topics you might like addressed in this format.

Please fill out this brief survey to help me find out more!

Cons of using scripted tapping

First of all, the founder of EFT Tapping is against scripts. I understand this because they are almost always too general and they really don’t and can’t address your specific issue. They do not use your personal words. If you only rely on scripts, it is highly unlikely that you will get permanent, long-term results.

Relying on scripted tapping limits your understanding about tapping and can be very disempowering. You end up becoming reliant on the words and guidance of someone else. You never get to learn how to tap on yourself. You may even think that it is enough and that you know how to tap if you have watched enough videos or read enough books.

Another problem with using tapping scripts is that sometimes people get triggered and don’t understand what is happening, and they are not equipped to deal with it alone. Depending on the issue, old emotions can surface or traumatic memories could emerge. If the person does not have a connection to a Tapping Practitioner and/or has not been trained, or if they have a lack of understanding about tapping, it can leave them in an unsafe state.

Tapping scripts do not replace proper training and/or working with a practitioner, but some people do not understand that. Scripts can be quite deceptive that way. Many people believe that is all that tapping is about, and then they feel that it doesn’t work because they have tapped along with some videos and have not gotten the results that they wanted. This is a danger of scripted tapping. In that way, it can and has done a huge disservice to the tapping community.

Pros of using scripted tapping

What I’m about to say here is strictly my opinion. As I mentioned, this is a contentious issue in the tapping community, and many have strong opinions about the dangers of using tapping scripts. I do not disagree with these dangers. That being said, however, I believe that scripted tapping has a place in the tapping world, albeit a limited one.

I think scripts can be a nice accompaniment to learning how to tap on yourself. They are not there to teach you to tap on yourself or to replace learning how to tap on yourself or to working with an experienced practitioner. If you already know how to tap and have been trained, it can be nice to just tap along with a video. It can be relaxing, thought-provoking, and even help you shift perspectives.

Sometimes the script creator/author can bring up something that you weren’t even aware of with respect to an issue. There might be some particular thing connected with that issue that was either hidden from you or that you hadn’t even considered. It might be a different aspect of the issue. It could be a new perspective. I have tapped along with many scripts and have learned a great deal from them.

Another possibility with tapping scripts is that they may demonstrate a different way of approaching or addressing a problem. There is often a lot to learn from tapping along with the words of experienced Tapping Practitioners.

One of these different approaches is the reframe. Reframes are basically when a practitioner moves into more positive wording or different ways of looking at things. For example, what if statements – like what if we look at it this way? Or what if I could be open to the possibility of seeing it some other way? These are more positive ways of looking at things that you may not have been able to access before. Following along with scripts can give you an opportunity to broaden your perspective, which can be a real benefit.

Finally, another positive aspect of using scripts is that you can see how other people create wording. It may give you ideas for how to create, adapt and change some of your own wording in your tapping practice. When you watch all sorts of different practitioners or read what they’ve written, you may be impressed by how they phrase things. You can then use that in your own self-tapping.

I don’t know too many practitioners who haven’t taken on different ways of saying things because of something that they have listened to, seen or read. It might even be when they attended someone else’s training. It gives you the opportunity to be exposed to more.

In summary, there are many pros and cons to using tapping scripts. I feel they can be highly valuable when used appropriately and when seen in their proper place. They may be a great addition to your healing toolbox.

But they are definitely, absolutely, 100% not meant to take the place of learning how to tap properly. They are not meant to be solely relied upon. You really need to learn how to do the work yourself. And you need to individualize it for you, which means you need to learn how to tap properly, not just from a book or by watching YouTube videos!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Again, here is the link to the survey. I thank you in advance!

With love,


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