New beginnings

Happy New Years

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for new beginnings and fresh starts. I don’t think I’m alone. Some people relish checking things off their to-do lists or finishing a plan or achieving a goal – don’t get me wrong, I love that too – but there’s something about the seduction of the beginning, the conception of a new plan that really gets fires me up. I’m that girl and I can admit it.

Once I’ve got that thing going, whether it’s a new plan, project or goal, the excitement rises. I love diving in with that sense of “wow, I’m doing it! Can’t wait to see it unfold, hopefully the way I’ve imagined it!”

A funny thing starts to happen along the way. Life seems to creep in with its inevitable pauses, sidetracking or more mundane aspects of the thing that needs to be done. Sometimes further along into it, I get the feeling that I’ve lost the plot or have somehow veered too far from the original course. At these times, I’ve noticed that I can perceive this as a muddying of the original vision.

As I lose steam, depending on the thing, I may still continue on along the original course and follow it to completion. Other times I let it go completely. More often I will go back and kind of attempt a new beginning, trying to get my excitement flowing again, reimagining it and making whatever adjustments are needed to suit my present needs.

In the past, at those times when I had decided not to finish something or had made significant changes to the original plan, I had internally berated myself for not having the wherewithal to fulfill the original vision I’d had. I have come to see things a bit differently, that perhaps there’s nothing inherently wrong with those actions.

Life is dynamic. It’s a balance of stillness and movement, change and stability. If the original ideal vision didn’t continue to shine clearly enough through the carrying-out and making-it-so part of the action plan, well, maybe that vision actually needed to adjust and grow in the ever-changing present moment.

This is relatively new way of looking at things for me. I’m not talking about abandoning plans or goals due to self-sabotage, procrastination or laziness – that’s a whole other issue. I’m looking more at the fire that keeps something burning and alive. Everyone is different – for me, I really need that spark to stay motivated. Something about that spark and the feeling of newness are intricately linked for me.

So I have decided to take a new approach. I’m going to really embrace the thought and awareness that EVERY MOMENT IS A CHANCE FOR A NEW START. No matter what I’ve planned or imagined. The reality is that all we ever have is the present moment. When we are holding on to the past or living in the future, we’re torn out of the present moment. That doesn’t mean we can’t have plans or dreams or goals and carry them out, rather, it just means that in any given moment, it really all is new and fresh and we can choose to do and be our best in that moment.

It’s like every single moment is a fresh slate full of possibility. Just that thought gets me going and motivated. Every moment we have an opportunity to press the ‘refresh’ button in our lives.

Now THAT might keep me going through anything. How about you? What would it take to bring the feeling of newness and fresh starts to every day, and to every moment?

I wish you all boundless joy, love, prosperity, health and fun in 2015!

With love,


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