Is your body trying to tell you something?

back pain





For some time now, there has been general acceptance in the medical community of the science connecting stress and illness. I find it interesting, however, that the broader implications of that research are often dismissed by many health professionals and the mainstream public.

In essence, this body of research proves the mind-body connection. Yet for some reason the idea that physical issues could be linked to or even caused by distressed emotional states seems like some strange leap of faith or cosmic nonsense to some self-described ‘scientifically-minded’ people.

They aren’t the only ones who miss the connection. It happens more often than you’d think. How often have you thought to yourself – oh, that’s just an ache, a pain, a little injury – without ever considering that there might be some emotional piece that may have contributed to it or is holding it in place?

When I first started doing EFT and energy work, I was eager to work on people and invited a friend for a couple of sessions to help with his back pain. He was a bit reluctant to try it since he was certain that his pain was of a purely physical nature. He couldn’t imagine how this kind of thing could help him.

During the first session, I tapped and used energy medicine techniques as I asked him questions about the pain. He told me that it was a repetitive strain injury and that it had happened as a result of his work since he had to carry heavy equipment on a daily basis. He didn’t feel there was any hope in fixing it since he had a doctor’s diagnosis and x-rays proving that there was an actual physical problem.

As he was talking about his job, he expressed how much he hated it. He’d been doing the same thing for almost 20 years and was sick of the company and of the negative workplace. While he talked, I just kept tapping on just the physical aspects of the pain.

For the second session, I inquired more about his work stress, his frustration and sense of having to take on extra burdens. As we worked with this information and emotions, the chronic pain he’d been living with for about 2 years simply lifted. It was gone. I checked in with him months later and the pain never returned. So much for it being ‘only physical’!

Our bodies are funny. Emotion often shows up as the most obvious metaphors, as though our bodies are trying to tell us something in a really direct way, but we can’t seem to hear it. For example, if you have stomach issues, what is it that you can’t stomach? Is there something in your life that you can’t seem to digest?

This approach is more useful than you might imagine in identifying what’s actually driving the physical pain you may experience. If you have pain, brainstorm about what that area of the body does, can do, and what it might represent to you. For example, if you have neck issues, ask yourself, what in your life is a ‘pain in the neck’? This might seem too simplistic to be effective, but trust me, whatever pops in your mind is probably exacerbating (or sometimes even a causal factor in) that pain.

Here’s a short list just to get you started:

  • Back pain – what burdens are you carrying? What responsibilities are you taking on that are too much? Are you feeling supported?
  • Achy shoulders -What are you shouldering that’s not even yours to carry? Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?
  • Hemorrhoids – What in your life is a pain in your bum? What’s irritating you?
  • Hand or wrist pain – What can’t you handle right now? Is there something you can’t grasp?
  • Knee pain – Is there something you’d like to kick but just can’t?
  • Foot pain – Is there a situation, person or something happening in your life that you just can’t stand? Or perhaps you’ve lost your footing somehow? Are you unable to move or step forward in your life?

Once you’ve identified something that might be bothering you, then it’s up to you how you’d like to release the emotions. You can use energy therapies like EFT or any other method with which you like to work. I’d love to hear from you with your experiences doing this!

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One response to “Is your body trying to tell you something?

  1. Wonderful article. This piece spoke to me and made me understand it’s not always physical.

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