Your heart’s desires


Valentine’s Day isn’t really my thing. I’m less about a single day of celebration and more about daily expressions of love and appreciation. I’ve always been the sensitive sort and have relied on my heart to pretty much guide me through life. That being said, sometimes my head’s gotten in the way.

Recently, I was listening to some inspiring audios and came across an exercise designed to identify your heart’s desires.  I thought, “Well, this should be easy. I already make goals lists and think about this kind of thing a lot, so there shouldn’t be any surprises.”

The good news was that it was indeed easy and fast. The even better news was that some items appeared on my list that I had no idea were so important to me until that very moment! I immediately thought of about a dozen people with whom I wanted to share this exercise, since I knew it would benefit them! Then I realized that I should just share it with everyone.

Identifying your heart’s desires

Why should you take the time to do this? Well, there’s only so much time and energy you have to spend in any given day. Wouldn’t your life be more joyful, easy and fun if you could really recognize what makes your heart sing and then simply bring those things into your daily existence? What if you constructed your entire life around those things, experiences and ways of being that fill you with happiness and a sense of play? How cool would that be? How much easier might your life feel?

One of my surprises in doing this was around creativity. While I’ve always enjoyed making things, the shocker for me was that it was one of the resounding 100s on my scale. Realizing the importance of this in my life felt a bit like coming home. Have you ever felt like that when you stumbled upon something meaningful to you?

The timing of discovering this was perfect, since I had been invited to participate in a workshop that helped bust through creativity blocks, fears and resistance. The combination of these two events has led me to finally put my work out there for others to see.

I hope you’ll do the exercise, and once you do, give some thought as to how you can bring more of this nourishing energy into your daily life. What needs to change in your life to create space for more fun and fulfilment? What’s holding you back from allowing more joy and fun? What would it take to infuse every day with actions, experiences and ways of being that light up your heart? I’d love to hear what you learned about yourself through this process, so feel free to share comments on the blog, or on my Facebook page.


Identifying your heart’s desires
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