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There is an EFT method I’ve developed that I have been using with clients with excellent results. I recommend it be used as one portion of a regular EFT or Matrix Reimprinting session on yourself or others rather than as a stand-alone method.

One of the things I like about using this method is that it may be applied to almost any issue. Specific problems, core beliefs, even patterns may be addressed with it in a gentle and effective way.

Overview of silent observer method

  1. Choose the problem or issue with which you want to work and take a SUDS level on it (a rating of intensity from 0 to 10)
  2. With closed eyes, imagine it in front of you
  3. Observe it while silently tapping around the EFT points
  4. Stop, take a breath, and check in to see what it looks like
  5. Continue repeating the process until you notice a shift, a change, or until it is gone or transformed

What to do if the issue hasn’t shifted

If the problem or issue still appears the same, take your SUDS level to see if it feels the same. It may be that while you can still see it in front of you, your emotional response to it has changed.

If there is still a charge, or if you feel there is still something left about the issue that is unresolved, you can go back to using regular EFT on various aspects of the issue that may still be there. I do this or work with another EFT variation I’ve adapted that involves allowing the image to transform by dialoguing with it. If you would like a description of that method, please contact me at

Issues I have treated with this method

Here are some examples of what you can place in front of you and observe with this method:

  • A person (e.g. your spouse, sibling, yourself)
  • A group of people (e.g. co-workers, family, people judging you, the world)
  • A negative core belief (e.g. I’m not enough, I don’t have what it takes)
  • A pattern (e.g. attracting alcoholic boyfriends, having people let you down)
  • Something for which you are longing (e.g. a better job, more money)
  • A problem or issue (e.g. fear of having panic attacks, blocked creativity)
  • Physical pain (if you can imagine pulling it out of your body and put it in front of you, try this!)

For the more abstract items, if a clear image doesn’t arise, that’s fine. See if there’s some kind of a metaphor for it or just set the intention that the problem is showing up there in front of you.

Case study

A client had just received news that he lost a lawsuit and now owed a substantial amount of money. The amount was shocking to him and he felt deeply distressed and overwhelmed and could not imagine how to resolve it.

I began by saying, “Close your eyes and I want you to imagine that amount of money in front of you. Let it take any form you’d like. It might be a pile of money, the actual numbers, or it may look like a big hole, a monster, or something else. Just let your imagination show you what it is for you. If you don’t have a visual for it, set the intention that it’s there in front of you, in some form, even if you can’t see it.”

“Now, while I’m tapping around your points, all you need to do is simply observe what’s there in front of you. Acknowledge it, really be with it and just notice it. You don’t need to say, do or think anything. Just observe what’s there.”

I prefer to tap directly on my clients if they are with me in person, and in the case of this method, less distraction is better. If the client is tapping, I recommend that they only tap on their finger and/or wrist points to keep the distraction to a minimum. The idea is to remain silent during the tapping while they are being with whatever is in front of them.

After tapping around the points for a round or two, I then asked, “What do you see now?” He responded, “The numbers are starting to fade; they’re almost translucent.” This is very common with the silent observer method. Another possibility is that what they have placed in front of them moves farther away or even disappears. At times it visually remains exactly the same, but the client is usually in a more relaxed state in relation to it.

We continued on again. “Just notice what’s in front of you now. Really be with it, allowing it to exist right there in front of you.” We silently ran through another couple of rounds of tapping, and I then asked again, “What’s there now? What do you see?”

He then noticed even more fading of the numbers, but also that they were beginning to dissolve into pure energy. You will find that this process results in infinite variations. People’s imaginations are powerful and unique. It’s quite fascinating.

We continued on with another round, until the numbers completely dissolved and he only saw it as pure shining energy. At this point, he experienced a massive cognitive and energetic shift and understood the entire problem from a completely different perspective. He let me know that he was totally at peace with it and knew what he had to do with respect to the entire issue.

He moved from feeling completely distraught to a state total peace in about ten minutes. Of course these kinds of results can be obtained by regular EFT, but there is something powerful about being the observer of an issue, of stepping back and simply letting it exist without judgement or emotion, all the while tapping on the body.

I would love to hear your feedback if you choose to try this. Feel free to comment or post questions about it below.

Stephanie Wood
Certified EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and ZPoint Practitioner
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


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