Some great advice for the control freaks among us

It took me a long time to realize that I’m a bit of a control freak in some parts of my life. But really, isn’t everyone, at least to some degree? Don’t we all want to have some significant say about what happens in our lives, our relationships and in the environment around us?

We love telling ourselves that we actually have some level of control, and perhaps it is true that we do. It’s also possible that we really don’t have any control, and that in letting go of the very idea that we can somehow willfully control our lives, that we could find profound freedom. These are not questions that I can answer, but are certainly food for thought.

In this beautiful little article from Lynn Zavaro, she reminds us that the everyday can be an adventure, that the mundane and distracting can be opportunities to be present, and that embracing a letting-go-of-control mindset can be a fabulous opportunity to relax and de-stress.

Lynn notes that the mindset she embraces while traveling is always one of going with the flow and accepting that there will be delays, changes in plans and occasional mishaps. She allows this to be part of her adventure and remains in the moment while on the journey. Bringing this feeling and attitude into day-to-day life, including the various life stresses that are often unavoidable is something that just might bring all of us more inner peace. And I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a bit more of that.

Be well,


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