Is that chocolate craving all in your head, or is your body trying to tell you something?

You won’t read much here about the latest super-food craze or about the constant conflicting research studies telling you that, say, wine is evil, then two months later that it’s going to save your life. Quite frankly, I’m not interested. I’m actually a big believer in moderation and listening to your body’s needs, whatever they are.

That all being said, I thought you might like to know that there has been some consistent research done about the beneficial effects of dark chocolate. Partly for fun, just because it’s chocolate, and so many people have strong cravings for the stuff, but also to point out that sometimes we like to label a food as bad, when it actually may be exactly what your body wants or needs at that time.

Many women crave it during PMS, and perhaps you crave it when you’re stressed. A recent study published in the Journal of Proteome Research found that eating dark chocolate may lower levels of stress hormones. And, no, I didn’t stumble upon this research while studying proteomics! For the full article on the WebMD site, visit here. The only beef I have with this research is that it was funded by, well, Nestle. Surprise, surprise.

You may be aware that dark chocolate has very high magnesium levels. In fact, one bar may provide the recommended daily allowance (Meisel, 2005). There are many other benefits, which are discussed in this article from the CBC. In it, there’s also another link to the dark side of chocolate that may well convince you to reach for the organic and free trade varieties.

Finally, how can you tell whether your chocolate craving is due to your body’s needs, or just a plain old junk food craving? Tune in, listen and ask. If you think that you may actually be having sugar cravings and wanting it for the wrong reasons, I’ll soon be posting some information about how to overcome just such cravings.

Ciao for now,  Stephanie


4 responses to “Is that chocolate craving all in your head, or is your body trying to tell you something?

  1. I definitely believe that when I crave certain foods my body is needing something… but, I also think that I get sugar cravings for ‘other’ reasons.. can’t wait to read more!

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