New year’s resolutions: what’s your take on them?

I’m all for setting intents and goals, but for me that time of reflection and visioning falls around my birthday. It’s an old habit that I love and have practiced for 20-something years. For many others, however, the start of the new calendar year brings about that urge to start anew and to set goals, release habits, start new ones, and face the dreaded “R” word: resolutions.

Do you set resolutions? I’ve never been a resolution-setting kind of gal, since the word conjures up a fearful sense of needing to brace myself with fortitude against some juggernaut of a dreaded habit or pattern that I just can’t seem to get the willpower to tackle. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but, in any case, the word does imply something that we need to use our will to overcome. Since in the work I do, my mantra is “no pain, no pain”, that really doesn’t fly with me.

So, how do we change our habits? There are a lot of opinions out there on the subject, and in upcoming posts, I’ll be letting you know about some of them. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a couple of interesting things to ponder. First is an article titled “Blame It on the Brain”  from the Wall Street Journal. In essence, the bottom line here is that keeping on top of your stress level and learning to redirect your mind are pivotal to making effective and lasting changes.

The other is a bit more light and fluffy, but I think, sound advice, from Dr. Oz (yes, one of Oprah’s favorite things). Have a look and let me know your thoughts! The article is “Realistic Resolutions from Dr. Oz“.

Until next time,  Stephanie


One response to “New year’s resolutions: what’s your take on them?

  1. I love Dr. Oz, he always has some great usable advice. I think I will try out his recommendations because I usually end up just talking about my resolutions and not actually following them LOL

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